Sunday, August 17, 2014

Women's Lit Book Cover Sale

I think its always a great time to celebrate Women's Literature. So for a limited time, SAVE 10% off all our Women's Lit/Chick Lit Book Cover Designs

With both illustrated and photo cover art to choose from... 

* eCovers - regular $50, now $45
* eCovers - regular $75, now $67.50

Publishing a paperback as well? Not a problem. We can help you out with that!

Click here to view our full gallery of Premade Women's Lit Book Covers. Here's a little teaser of what to expect...

Additional Information

All covers will only be sold once. First come, first served.

For more information... email direct to, or contact us via our Contact Form.

Ready to purchase? Simply purchase directly on the website via PayPal and we'll be notified as soon as it happens. We'll be in touch soon afterwards to get your information like title, author name and any other text you'd like to see on your cover.

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Till next time when I'll share some more pretties! Have a beautiful and creative week!